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Film Scoring Classes! 

These classes are all about writing music for movies. Learn the basics of music composition in a format that really shows you how to write music that evokes a feeling. Every scene in a movie has a message, and the soundtrack amplifies it. In Backbeat Music Academy’s Film Scoring classes, write your own music to do a specific job. This is valuable for anyone, no matter what instrument you play because it will give you a deeper understanding of how music works. And, you’ll never watch movies the same way again! 

Who Is The Perfect Student? 

Backbeat Music Academy’s film scoring Classes are for kids 12 and up. It is best to have some experience with staff notation but talk to us if you’d like to make an exception. 

However, private lessons available for all ages and skill levels. 

What Will You Learn? 

Film music is all about writing music that affects people. The more you know about music, the more effectively you can create an effect. With that in mind, our students will learn practical music theory – what chords are, arpeggios, how to create them, what their properties are etc. They’ll also learn about rhythm and groove and how they work as well. These are skills that any musician will benefit from. Students will also gain an appreciation for music in movies, TV shows and commercials whenever they hear them.