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Backbeat Music Academy has a private music lessons, group classes, bands and music summer camps in Portland, OR. We have private lessons in piano, guitar, drums, violin, vocals, trumpet, music production, songwriting, recording and much more. You can also study multiple instruments in the same lesson. Private lessons are at custom times. To sign up for private lessons, click here to schedule a trial lesson or drop us a line with what you’re looking for.

For group lessons, we have rock/pop bands, jazz bands, piano classes, guitar classes, drum classes and Try Everything bands where kids get to learn the basics of many different instruments. Group lessons are at set times. There isn’t currently a calendar of when the group times are, as I curate each group according to skill, interest, age and¬†personality.

To sign up for group classes,  just email us at or call/text us at 503.290.5090 so we can match you with the class that fits you best.