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Try Everything Camps

Jun 21-28 PM; Jun 28-July 2 AM; July 12-16 PM; July 26-30 AM; Aug 23-27 AM
149/week, ages 5-7, 7-10

Backbeat Band Camp Sept 2020-8361

Backbeat’s Try Everything Music Camps are a chance for kids to try out many different kinds of musical instruments to see what they like best.

Students learn basic songs on several different instruments, including piano, ukulele, guitar, bass, drums, flute, and more. They get to play many different instruments besides.

Along the way, students will learn the basics of music theory and how it applies to the other instruments. We’ll teach them about the physics of sound production because a little science goes a long way into figuring out how the different instruments work, how to make the best tone and how to play instruments you’ve never even seen before. If the class is interested, there will be a performance at the end of this camp.

Backbeat Band Camp Sept 2020-8188
Backbeat Band Camp Sept 2020-8547

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Backbeat Music Try Everything Aug 19th 2019-5199